Welcome to Trattoria Italiana

At Trattoria Italiana, food is prepared over time and served quickly. Our trattoria means simple quality food, fast and easy service.

Trattoria Italiana

We offer traditional Italian recipes and high-quality ingredients readily available – whether you want a break in the middle of everyday life or a tasty meal to take home. Just like other trattorias.

Our concept is based on authentic Italian tastes and atmosphere. At its heart are the high-quality raw materials that our Italian hosts want to make available to everyone.

La cucina piccola fa la casa grande.

A small kitchen makes a great house.


Our flavors are based on high quality Italian ingredients. They are driven by local producers with years of experience, a burning passion for food, and a desire to make their expertise available to an ever-widening audience. We call these producers our hosts (padrones). They guarantee the authentic Italian taste we offer.

Our restaurants

Our restaurant can be an entire Italian Trattoria, or a small break in the middle of everyday life, for example, with a cup of quality coffee and ice cream.

We focus on making quality ingredients and authentic flavors available easily and effortlessly. We offer the opportunity to enjoy them on site or to take away easily with you.


We make authentic Italian flavors and ingredients available for everyone. Our concept includes different types of restaurants which serve our customers in the way that best suits their location, situation and need.

A tavola non si invecchia.
At the table you never get old.

Genuine raw materials

We buy all our raw materials from producers who have particularly specialized in producing them. In this way, we guarantee high quality and a genuine taste experience in every serving. Find out more about the stories behind our meals!


The trattoria serves all flavors under one roof, easily enjoyed on site or taken away.


A tasty plate of cheese, cold cuts or veggie brings a fresh setting of Italian flavors to the middle of everyday life.


Warm pastas, lasagnas and risottos feed a busy city dweller or even an entire family.


An authentic Italian pizza as a slice for a snack or, as a whole, for even a great hunger.


Oils, balsamic, olives, spices and other Italian flavors will help take your home cooking to a new level.


Italian pies and mouth-watering pastries, not to mention quality coffees and coffee drinks.


Authentic Italian ice cream with a crispy waffle or plain will brighten up any occasion.

Become a partner?

If you want to hear more about Trattoria Italiana please contact our padrone in Finland Jarmo Tolvanen by phone:

  +358 40 527 0626

L’appetito vien mangiando.

Appetite comes with eating.


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Nella botte piccola c’è il vino buono.
In a small barrel, there’s good wine.


We would be delighted to hear how your visit at Trattoria Italiana has gone. If you think there is still room for improvement in our food or services, we will be happy to hear about it!